My name is Heer Hitesh Usadadiya. I am a student looking forward to pursue a career in Exercise and Sports Science.

I am also a swimmer currently representing Uganda in major swimming competitions on the continent and working hard to hit the international stage.

I am currently the national record holder for the 13-14 years boys’ age group in the 200m backstroke (2:26.89) and 800m freestyle (9:42.61).

I see myself not only as a future swimming champion and Exercise & Sports Science professional, but an advocate of change and influence for millions of young people whose talents lie unexplored either due to lack of facilities, poverty or government inaction in providing enabling environments for sports to flourish amongst the disabled and teenagers. 

Sports should not be a way to riches and fame but an engine of change and unity for all. This can only happen if there is a committed, focused and determined person willing to walk the talk of self-sacrifice and vision for a better world for everybody in the world.


Name: Heer Hitesh Usadadiya
Date of Birth: April 4, 2009
Place of Birth: Kampala, Uganda
Email: &
Contact Number: +256751744833, +256756667089
School: Cambridge Home School Online (United Kingdom)
Class: year 11 (IGCSE) Key stage 4
Nationality: Ugandan

1.Mr. Boylan
Deputy Headteacher Cambridge Home School Online (UK)
2. Muzafaru Muwanguzi
 Gators Swim Club 
3. Henrison Mbaziira
Coach Henrison Basketball Academy