Uganda prepares for CANA Zone III Championships

Uganda will host the sixth edition of the CANA Zone III Championships from Thursday to Saturday at the Kampala International School of Uganda (KISU) in Bukoto.

The federation will also host the zone’s open water competition at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe on Sunday morning and then later Water Polo at KISU.

“We want to thank the parents that held on to keep these swimmers in the water but most especially the athletes themselves,” Uganda Swimming Federation vice president (technical), said. “The swimmers are highly motivated and well trained for this event,” he added.

Uganda will present 90 swimmers; 44 in Team A and 46 in Team B, while Tanzania, Kenya, Eritrea, Sudan, and Burundi are expected to participate too. The swimming championship has four categories; 12years and under, 13-14, 15-16, and 17 and over.

Uganda chose its team from the recently concluded USF National Championships. The competition rules allow a maximum of two athletes from each country to enter a given race.

Uganda’s top two performers per race were entered in Team A while the third and fourth-best are in Team B.

“I do not know about other countries but I am confident of our team because of what we did at the National Championships,” 12 and under swimmer Heer Usadadiya said.

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