USF League II 2023: Freestyle prowess

Event: League II

Date: April 29-30

  • 400m free – 4:43.24 from 4:45.00
  • 50m fly – 33.32
  • 100m back – 1:08.55 from 1:09.00. Behind Akram Lubega (1:08.01) and Malcolm Nahamya (1:07.72)
  • 400m IM – 5:28.93 from 5:33.00. Behind Isaiah Kuc (5:28.86)

Heer was yards ahead of the grid in the 400m freestyle during the April 29-30, 2023 Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) League II held at Olympia Hostel, Makerere.

Building on his form two months earlier in League I, where he topped the 800m and 200m free events, Heer finished the 400m free in four minutes, 43 seconds and 24 microseconds (4:43.24). His colleagues were at least four seconds off pace.

In the 50m butterfly, Heer finished ninth but powered himself back to the podium in the 100m backstroke and 400m individual medley (IM).

In the 100m backstroke, he clocked 1:08.55 microseconds 0ff his 1:09.00 entry time finishing behind Akram Lubega (1:08.01) and Malcolm Nahamya (1:07.72).

In the 400m IM, Heer finished with 5:28.93 – just seven microseconds behind Silverfin Academy’s Isaiah Kuc.

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